AI-powered operating system for high-performing teams

Understand, streamline and orchestrate your organization's rhythms. Enable every team to become a super team.

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Launching in early 2024

Our Seed Round

Rhythms Secures $26 Million in Seed Funding to Revolutionize Organizational Performance and Transform the Future of Work

Rhythms, an AI-powered enterprise productivity startup founded by industry veteran and serial entrepreneur Vetri Vellore, today announced $26 million in seed funding, co-led by Greenoaks and Madrona with participation from Accel, Cercano (formerly Vulcan), and Founders’ Co-op, all of which were also investors in his previous venture,, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2021.

Rhythms is developing a first-of-its-kind AI-powered Operating System to transform the future of work, enabling every organization to achieve best-in-class performance and productivity. The company's artificial intelligence model identifies working patterns of high performing teams, and its intelligent agent will enable every part of the workforce to personalize and adopt “rhythms” of top performing teams...

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Today, we are at a pivotal moment: the rise of generative AI, the prevalence of hybrid workplaces, and the imperative to do more with less are reshaping how organizations function. This new landscape demands a fresh approach to organizational productivity.

We believe that the success of teams and organizations is governed by their internal rhythms – the fundamental processes that drive every aspect of their operation. Yet, these rhythms are poorly understood and managed in most organizations, resulting in chaotic, siloed, frustrating, unpredictable and uneven performance.

We are building an AI-powered operating system to enable enterprises to understand, streamline, and orchestrate their rhythms, elevating the performance of every team to be best-in-class. Our ambition is to transform how teams and businesses operate everyday - to drive higher performance and bring joy into work.

Our CEO, Vetri Vellore, is a successful serial entrepreneur whose previous venture,, was acquired by Microsoft in 2021. He was most recently a Corporate Vice President at Microsoft. Our founding team has a successful track record having worked together in the two previous startups. We raised $26m seed round in December 2023 from top-tier VC firms. We are looking for a few highly-talented, driven, future entrepreneurs to join our mission.